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Custom Workshops

Custom Workshops

Have you identified a need for leadership development but not sure where to start?

At Release Coaching, we offer the option to work with you to identify development gaps and create custom workshops for your leaders.


Commonly chosen topics include:

1.Effective Communication Skills for Leaders
2.Strategic Thinking and Planning

3.Emotional Intelligence
4.Conflict Resolution and Mediation

5.Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
6.Change Management and Adaptability
7.Team Building and Collaboration

8.Time Management and Prioritisation
9.Stress Management and Well-being for Leaders
10.Coaching and Mentoring Skills

11.Leading with Empathy and Compassion

12.Inclusive Leadership and Diversity Training

13.Feedback and Performance Management

14.Negotiation and Influencing Skills

15.Leading Through Crisis and Uncertainty
16. Ethical Leadership and Integrity

17.Mastering the art of delegation


Do you know exactly what your leaders need to learn but want it customised to your unique branding and organisational values? 

Fully customised, branded, in-house workshops can be arranged. Get in touch to discuss how we can fulfil your unique need.

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