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Areas of Expertise
Lleadership mindset is the way we think about ourselves, and our approaches, intentions, motivations, choices, and behaviours as leaders.


Elevate your Leadership Strategy

Our primary focus is on leadership development strategy, ensuring that your investment in leadership development delivers exceptional returns.

We use the tools backed by research that are proven to drive genuine organisational change, increase productivity and drive success.


At Release Leadership, we bring a wealth of experience in both Business Management and leadership of Learning and Organisational Development at the executive level. We understand that your leaders are your most valuable asset so help you retain and grow them.


We are committed to ensuring that your investment in leadership development yields tangible results. That's why we provide before and after assessments to measure the impact of our programs. We go the extra mile to ensure you get value for your money.

Executiv, Busness, Life Coaching
Leadeship Strategy
Drive Organisational Excellence

The use of assessment tools such as 360 degree feedback,  personality profiling and identifying high potentials, all contribute to the creation of a robust strategy that guarantees transformation in your organisation.

From creating a coaching culture, through to management training & succession planning, Kathryn will give you the clarity and direction you need for building successful leaders across your organisation. 

Business Meeting
Strategic plan for leadership development across your business

Create a workplace good leaders seek out

Lift individual and collective performance by creating a positive, productive and enjoyable place to work. Psychological safety is now a Work, Health & Safety requirement, but also enhances employee retention, reducing recruitment costs and providing ongoing customer care. 

It has now been empirically proven that leaders who embrace authenticity, and the importance of relationship and empowerment of others, automatically enhance productivity and performance in both themselves and their teams. 

Release Leadership assesses the needs of your leaders and creates a strategic plan that ensures your leaders set such a positive and productive culture.

Leadeship Strategy
Enhance each leader's potential through coaching

We believe in the power of targeted investment in leadership development. While it's tempting to simply invest in generic courses, we understand the importance of ensuring that every dollar spent leads to real, lasting changes within your organisation.

We recognise that each organisation and individual is unique, which is why we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs. Whether you're focused on succession planning, identifying emerging talent, or cultivating a coaching culture in the workplace, Release Leadership will develop and execute a strategy that enhances your business's overall productivity and outcomes.

Our approach includes both personalised one-on-one coaching and group sessions, which are essential components of a comprehensive leadership development strategy. We equip leaders with the skills to engage in effective 'coaching conversations' with their teams daily, promoting continuous growth mindsets and the integration of new behaviours.

Executive & business coaching enables you to work through professional challenges
Business Meeting at Small Table

Full Suite of Leadership Development Services

Release Leadership services include:

  • Executive, Leadership & Business Coaching

  • Leadership Development Strategy

  • Succession Planning

  • High potential identification

  • Personality Profiling

  • 360 Degree Feedback Surveys & Debrief

  • 'Working Genius' - Team & Individual Profiling

  • Review of Performance Review & PD planning and policies

  • Leadership Mindset & other Custom Workshops

  • Neurodiversity (ADHD & Autism) Leadership Coaching

  • Workplace assessments for the neurodiverse

  • Coaching Supervision

...... and we partner with others to ensure you get access to the full suite of HR services and adult education opportunities your team needs.

Book a complimentary discovery session

Meet Kathryn to discuss how to get the best ROI from your leadership development initiatives. 

Take the first step towards greater productivity, and business success today!

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