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Kathryn Martens - Leadership Strategy, Executive & Business Coaching

"Leadership is more about
'being' than 'doing'."

Kathryn Martens

All About Kathryn

From company-wide strategy to workshops and individual coaching, Kathryn enables businesses to excel through facilitating the transformation of their leaders. Her focus is on prevention of psychosocial hazards and incidents through raising self-awareness, inter-personal skills, resilience, and clarity of purpose in leaders at all levels within an organisation. 


Kathryn has been called ”Inspiring”, “Insightful” and possessing 'an uncanny knack of knowing how to focus on the real issues'. She is authentic, compassionate, and brings intelligent yet practical insights on how to solve problems. Consistently focused on action and accountability, she uses a variety of tools to ensure positive development outcomes for leaders - including, High Potentials Inventory, 360 Degree Feedback & Personality Profiling.


Kathryn holds a Masters in Adult Education, and Diplomas in Coaching and Management, and is committed to ongoing professional development. She stays abreast of the latest research, theories, and best practices in the field of coaching and leadership, ensuring she provides the highest quality support to her clients.


Beyond her coaching expertise, Kathryn brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge from her own extensive leadership experience. Kathryn has been in leadership at all levels and across numerous industries. She understands both big and small business. She has successfully launched 3 different start-ups, been the Director of a successful small manufacturing business, held corporate executive roles in the insurance industry, management roles within 3 different Universities, both in Australian and the US, and management within both small and large not-for-profit organisations.


In addition to her individual coaching work, Kathryn is also a sought-after workshop and retreat facilitator. Her engaging and interactive approach leaves a lasting impact on participants and drives meaningful, lasting change.

In her spare time, Kathryn has clocked many hours involved in not-for-profit activities including volunteering for her local church, World Vision & WIRES. From leading children's work, preaching and teaching, and rescuing animals, Kathryn is a holistic leader both in and outside the world of business. 


Whether you're an emerging leader aiming to refine your skills or a seasoned executive seeking to navigate complex organisational dynamics, Kathryn is dedicated to empowering you to reach your full leadership potential, and enable your team to fly.

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